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Subject:  Re: HSAC: Increased Volume Date:  7/11/1999  1:33 PM
Author:  Mgk Number:  2441 of 123792


>>Some impressive names are putting money into this company (e.g., MSFT, CSCO, Vulcan Ventures, Com21, Saloon Gal <g>).

Is anyone else in?

That's an impressive group. And the one I find most reassuring is SaloonGal. It's no surprise to the regulars here, I'm sure, to want her on your "team".

This one looks tempting. And Rat is high on UCOMA (another worthy). Personally have been watching ATML on its steady climb (still only at 30, but already moving strongly). The problem for me right now is the time of year! I am seriously considering exiting a bunch of positions to buy back on opportunity in a month or two. And it would be tempting to get sucked in at trading highs (of course thinking they will run further). That's the trap of a summer rally. Historically, we can expect the low point of the year over the next few months. If you like a stock now, won't you just love it a few (or a lot) points lower at the bottom of the late summer slump? Of course, with some they could keep soaring...or we could have an atypical year. Sure, that's possible, just not as likely right now. From where I sit, it seems like a good time to take a few profits, prune a few also-rans, raising cash for those great buying opp's. this fall. The three above go on the "watch closely" list to be bought on weakness. Keep reminding myself that the market (i.e. stock price) must continually be separated from the companys' value, or potential. Sometimes (ie. 1-12 month outlook) there seems so little correlation between the two - although over the longer term (ie. years), clearly there is. That is why the Gardners are correct (longer term), but so is Rat! (shorter term).

(Please, no messages from posters instructing me on the folly of so-called "market timing". I know it's impossible over the long haul. But, it's very foolish to look at the annual cycles which occur year after year, and simply ignore them. Who was the guru who advised investing in stocks only between November and July??)

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