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Subject:  Re: What are eyeballs worth? Date:  7/13/1999  6:51 PM
Author:  inkwell Number:  2488 of 123800

<<Does anyone have any real info on the actual effectiveness of online advertising?>>

I have no info on the psychology of this but I have long thought the same about TV and print advertising but it is still there and still costs a ton.
An interesting thought here is the package that Barry Diller is trying to put together-you might remember his abortive deal to buy Lycos-he came damn close to stealing that one-His whole thought process is that advertising revenue isnt enough without leveraging it. He wants to use the internet "hits" on his city sidewalk sites for instance to lead the person who looks up a movie or concert schedule to his Ticketmaster site to buy tix for those events, then to his HSN (home shopping network) to buy related merchandise. He is now looking at a venture to accumulate ISPs and added to his production facilities and other assets he is really building a vertically integrated group that will maximize the profits to be gained by every single eyeball-the effectiveness of the data farming and redirecting viewers to related sites will be the key-but it does leverage each hit-as you are suggesting that banner adds do not
food for thought
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