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Subject:  social security question Date:  7/22/1999  4:41 PM
Author:  5walker Number:  667 of 21732

Greetings to all you lucky, lucky, Retired Fools.

I am in need of advice regarding SS and have a few (!) questions. Any good links to general SS info/FAQ sites are also appreciated.

Here it is:
My husband will turn 62 next year and is considering starting his SS benefit then. I will still be employed--will my earnings count against the limit to his benefit, or does SS only look at his earnings? He is self-employed and wants to still work at his business at least part-time. What earnings from his business will be counted against his limit--gross or net?

I feel only if his net earnings are used that they would be small enough that it would be worth it for him to start his benefit early--at 62.

My reasoning is, if he/we earn so much that it basically cancels out his benefit, then he should not take it early, but wait till 65 and take advantage of the higher SS benefit he would be entitled to at that age. Also, our earnings may be lower by then, so he would keep more of the check.

Is this rational thinking? Am I on the right track here? Has this new fool asked her limit of questions already? Thank you all in advance. I wish I was you.

BTW, when I retire and get my own SS benefit, I assume that withdrawals from my 401k or pension distributions from my job do not count as "earnings" against my benefit--correct?

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