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Subject:  Re: Social Security Date:  8/11/1999  10:10 AM
Author:  pikapp383 Number:  13060 of 96282

Since I am 26, I am in line to get royally screwed. Every projection that I have seen shows me heavily in the red. Everytime I hear someone defend SS as a wonderful program, I get seriously annoyed.


I share your frustration with this program's financing. Unfortunately, there are very powerful contituencies who are against your interest because oddly enough they have do not see any issue with how much this system costs, or how equitable it is.

As a fellow 26 year old, please allow me to point out one basic fact. The "problem" we have is that those who currently benefit and will soon benefit from the current system of SS (the powerful constituencies) either outnumber us or vote in larger percentages than us (or more likely both, don't have any numbers in front of me). So, since we will probably be out-voted on any substantive changes to SS I am following the advice that I read somewhere on this site in regards to calculating the money you will need and have during retirement.

paraphrasing..."then add in your expected benefit from Social Security (may I suggest ZERO)..."

Personally I am planning on receiving nothing from SS and if I do happen to get some, then its just gravy.


p.s. It helps me to think of my SS deductions as going to help take care of my grandmothers, that way I don't get as frustrated.
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