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Subject:  Re: Droolish Four Date:  8/11/1999  7:49 PM
Author:  SailBadtheSinner Number:  58666 of 283083

I'm having problems putting my finger on a satisfactory explaination for this . . . I'm looking for someone to substantiate what I am about to say or for someone to tell me why I'm wrong.
Basically, it does not seem like a good idea to use a Drip plan with Foolish Four stocks (call it the Droolish Four--a very nice name at least). After all, Foolish Four stocks change yearly, while Drip stocks should be held for a very long time. Also, there is a one time fee for starting up a Drip with a company. Paying that fee for possibly only one year just would not be worth while.
Right,wrong or not quite?

I copied this from the FF FAQ's:
Instead of paying commissions to a broker, why can't I use DRiP (Dividend Reinvestment Plan) accounts directly with each of the companies?
Message #13598 -
Also, from the "Drip Investing - Companies" board, this entire thread:
This Fribble also addresses this question:
But then be sure to read:
Message #22597 -

To sum it all up: not worth while to use a Drip for the FF.

It's best to post FF questions to the FF msg board here -
and while you are there, read the FAQ's.


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