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Subject:  After Retirement?? Date:  8/31/1999  9:28 AM
Author:  BGPenhollo Number:  13552 of 107857

I apologize if this is posted to the wrong board. If so, please point me to a more appropriate board.

My mother,73, recently asked me to help her with her investments.

After my initial review, I think there are two areas that might be better for her.

From a very cursory exam of her income, I know her tax rate is more than the minimum 15% but less than the 28% rate. She has money invested in fed tax exempt govt securities mutual funds - two to be precise. I believe she'd be better off moving that investment into the short term bond fund she already owns - Morningstar ranks her short term bond fund as five star. Does this appear to be a better direction or is there some other issue I should look at. My mother's mutual funds are not held within an IRA.

Also she was talked (I prefer the term scammed) into rolling over my father's Keogh Plan into a Variable Annuity IRA. I know very little about VA's because I can not see them meeting a need I have. From the little I have read on Motley Fool, VA's within an IRA make about as much sense as buying Tax Exempt Bonds for an IRA.

My mother, I believe, has held the VA beyond the initial 5 year surrender fee. My questions are:

Can my mother roll out of the VA into a mutual fund still within the IRA? If so, how is this done?

How do we calculate her annual withdrawal from an IRA now that she is past 70 1/2? Or will the IRA mutual fund make that calculation?

Does it make sense for my mother to keep her funds under a standard IRA umbrella? Does rolling it into a Roth make any sense?

My mother still invests from time to time. Can she invest under a Roth if she is retired? Even if she is not employed?

My mother's health is reasonable at this time. She has asthma and congestive heart problems so I estimate she has 10-15 years maximum. Is there a mix of equity and income which makes sense for her situation.

Are there others who are trying to help their parents with their retirement savings? Is there an board to help retirees or those trying to help retirees?
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