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Subject:  Need help with plan Date:  9/1/1999  11:41 AM
Author:  cymbeline Number:  13581 of 96803

I have a plan but I would like some opinions.
Current situation:
I am a widow 53, with a son who just started high school. My salary is approx. 45K.
I am in the 403b contributing the max. It is worth 95K.
I started a Roth this year for 2000 FOOLISHLY with the Vanguard Index Fund.
Unfoolishly, I started accounts (when my husband died 10 yrs ago) with two full service houses. One has an IRA of ~80K of which 15K is cash, 45K is fairly new class B mutual funds, and 20K is a class A mutual. Some are doing almost index. I also have ~40K cash which is not IRA there.
The other broker has an IRA of ~ 45K which was in ANNUITIES (how unfoolish can you get). I just had them converted to mmarket. There is also ~55K non-IRA there in mutuals mostly class A and mostly not close to index.
My plan is: First open on line discount broker acct.
1. Transfer all of the previously annuity (45K), the IRA cash (15K), and sell the ICA mutual fund (which has been about 4.5% under the S+P for the last 4 years) of 20K. This total of 80K would be invested in the RP4.
2. Figure out what to do about the 45K in class B funds. It would cost to liquidate them but I am paying an IRA maintenance fee and about half of them are not doing great.
3. Worry about the non-IRA later.
I would appreciate any input, Thanks,
Fairly new but learning fast Fool
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