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Subject:  Re: Individual Stocks Date:  9/1/1999  4:00 PM
Author:  edcosoft Number:  13590 of 100863

Shari and I have a 401k and a Life insurance do-hickey that also acts as a
retirement account. We would like to open another retirement avenue,
stocks. This next step will bring our retirment investment to 10% of our net
income. Here's the Q, I hope you have the A:

Is it possible to hold (and trade) individual stocks within a retirement
account (I would like to base the holdings on the Dow dividend approach)?


If so, how does the capital gains tax structure work?

There are none. You pay no taxes on gains (or losses) as you go along. When you draw it out it is ALL ordinary Income--sorry, no LTCG 20%.

Where can I gather
information on who has these types of accounts?

Every Full service, discount, e-mail broker, and every fund familay has a "self directed IRA". Call one, or more. They have free literature.

What loads are applied?

No charge,usually, for an IRA, except trading commissions which can get nasty with a Fund Family, full service broker, but reasonable at e-trading firms like e-trade, Waterhouse, etc.

What is the capital of Asyria?

I think you mean Assyria. There IS no capital as it went out of existance in about 600BC. Even when it existed it rarely had a capital as it was controlled by other countries. Alexander's empire had provences of Syria and Asyria, but with no capital, at least not now, but since it's now Iraq, I guess you would say Bagdad. Right?

What is your favorite color?


What is The air speed velocity of an unlaiden swallow?

I think they clocked one in a steep dive over the white cliffs of dover with radar during WW2 at about 97MPH, but she was laden with three eggs and being chased by a P-38, so doesn't fit your parameters. Sorry.

--Monty Python, Quest for the
Holy Grail

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