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Subject:  Re: The Question????? Date:  9/10/1999  7:51 AM
Author:  glaborie Number:  139 of 4031

<I seem to get the impression that GSM is better at carrying voice, but that CDMA is more efficient in transmitting data. Given that GSM is the standard in Europe, are there any examples of glaring inefficiencies within that system? As wireless traffic expands, will they be forced to adopt CDMA as the new standard? Or will we ultimately have 2 worldwide wireless standards? What are the shortcomings of GSM?>

GSM runs on 2 different frequencies, so to be truly roaming, you need a dual band phone (expensive), and
the bandwidth is limited to 9.6 Kbit/s, not much indeed. As for the quality, It seems CDMA is clearer than GSM, does not drop calls, and potentially is less dangerous for your brain (less microwaves maybe...)

Personnaly I´m long on QCOM, I also think NOK is a rapid mover, and they really sell their stuff worldwide. I´ve been living in France, UK, Spain and Australia, they´re everywhere. Even Japanese think they´re a Japanese company. See this month Wired magazine for more on Nokia.

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