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Subject:  Re: What's the last car you'd ever buy? Date:  10/15/1999  11:00 AM
Author:  bluGill Number:  3221 of 73977

Well, I'm 25, and there is only ONE engine that can possibally go as many miles as I'me likely to end up going in my lifetime: the Cummins Diesel.
Unfortunatly you can only get that in a dodge, which otherwise doesn't have the best reputation. (Although the new 6 speed transmission should help there) Cracks in the frame, but assuming I can get the dealer to fix it...
However all this is marred by one thing: I live in the rust belt. On a recient trip down south I saw many cars from the 60's, daily drivers yet for the owners, and no rust. My '88 truck won't last much longer due to rust. Body panels are often enough to trip the balance away from maintaining the car. (Come to think of it, everyone I met was rather amazed at the rust on my truck, which is accully not that bad compared to most cars it's age)
Thus, even though I like the idea of the Dodge that you can expect to see a million miles, it doesn't make sense for me unless I we see those miles in 15 years. (Accualy if I needed a truck anyway the diesel break even is about 100,000 miles)
I intend to keep my truck a couple more years, but I fully esxpect that I will need to get a different vechical every 10-15 years (15 only if I buy new), and I'll littlerally drive it into the ground.
YMMV, if you don't live in the rust belt you probably can drive that car forever. Good luck, and choose well.
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