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Subject:  Re: Hotdog stands Date:  10/19/1999  7:02 PM
Author:  demiller1 Number:  826 of 6186

"bought a coffee shop in a very busy mall"

I am afraid that this is in no way 'similar'. This is more of a gd investment and diversification of assets.

In one you have inherent costs with an historical passing trade whereby you maintain a consistency which reaps its just rewards - both before and after. The hot dog stand is something quite different whereby you are taking an opportunity and screwing it!. You do not have large overheads nor do you have to maintain consistency.

In fact you can sell *crap* and people will still buy it because it is *there*. You are not in for the marathon only the short course events to make as much as possible.

is this not capitalism? Yes but at what cost to those parties that have paid a premium to become established? Do you have to maintain quality of product and consistency? Do you have to appease the health authorities? Do you have the required cold storage for your product or just boil hell out of it so that it does not get a *germ*.

Sorry two different enterprises. I wish you luck in your diversification.

In Novogen - why seek a government grant to undertake research? Good question that has bothered me for some time. If you are a succesful company which is making profits you spend an allocated amount of funds on R&D with the 125% tax benefit, thsi immediately puts you in a gd position as regards your competitors as the more you spend on R&D the more tax benefits you receive. Since when can a public company apply for a research grant yet the average 'joe sixpack' who invented the forklift, Y2K bios converter and other extremely good international products have to sell these patents to overseas companies! Money maketh money or he in the know gets to know.

Cynical aren't I!
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