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Subject:  Re: Hotdog stands Date:  10/19/1999  9:05 PM
Author:  applefoot Number:  827 of 6186

In Novogen - why seek a government grant to undertake research? Good question that has bothered me for some
time. If you are a succesful company which is making profits you spend an allocated amount of funds on R&D with
the 125% tax benefit, thsi immediately puts you in a gd position as regards your competitors as the more you spend
on R&D the more tax benefits you receive. Since when can a public company apply for a research grant yet the
average 'joe sixpack' who invented the forklift, Y2K bios converter and other extremely good international products
have to sell these patents to overseas companies! Money maketh money or he in the know gets to know.

Cynical aren't I!

Are you really that cynical demiller1? I don't think so.

Are you against research grants per se or just against companies like Novogen from benefitting from them?

A company such as Novogen, albeit a public company aiming to make a profit for its shareholders, should tap into any resources that it legitimately can. I think that in Novogens' case it is a sign of just how important their work is regarded that they are so successful in winning such grants. If you are an Australian ( and I am not ) you should be extremely proud that such a potentially important company has sprung from your native land, and is being supported to enable it to go on to be a world class player. The returns to Australia both in Kudos and taxes will be enormous. Don't forget, there were precious few grants when Novogen was just a twinkle in the founders eye. Like any new, unproven enterprise he had to struggle to find private finance to get the company off the ground. It would be great to be able to give every new idea a boost in its early years, but funds are limited and who would judge the potential winners? I guess in the end you have to go with the guys who prove their worth. It's tough but that's life.

They certainly get my vote, and like Eveline (Lems) I bought the shares. Come on over to the Novogen board sometime and help us spread the word. We are a small but happy band at present, and you might even find out how your money is being spent ;)

Regards and Fool on

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