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Subject:  Jungle kingdoms Date:  11/10/1999  11:30 PM
Author:  AndysGirl Number:  6110 of 87842

There was once a tribe of headhunters who lived deep in the jungles of South America. This particular tribe built their huts out of grass and branches, high up in the trees. The king of this tribe had the biggest, highest hut of all, naturally, with 4 bedrooms and an attic and the whole works.

The king also had a hobby of collecting thrones. Whenever his men captured a village he would take the rival king's throne and put it on display in his attic. His collection grew to be quite large. One day, his men conquered the village of the king's chief rival, who happened to be very rich. His throne was solid gold encrusted with jewels and the king knew he had to have it. So he dispatched twenty of his strongest men to bring the throne back and haul it up to the attic. This they did, although with great difficulty, because the throne was so heavy and the king's hut was so high up in the trees. Eventually they got everything settled into place and the king was just as happy as could be.

Later that night, however, the weight of the new throne, combined with the weight of all the other thrones, proved to be too much for the grass hut and caused the whole place to collapse, killing everyone inside. The moral of the story?

"People who live in grass houses shouldn't store thrones"

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