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Subject:  Re: have advise for the not so young buck? Date:  12/18/1999  12:51 PM
Author:  Retiring Number:  984 of 23020

Tom asks re: investing Just say whatever about what you wish you knew about at age 30.

1.Buy Great Companies by finding them through my own research. Even if you hear a hot "tip" ALWAYS research, research, research. Don't ever trust an analyst (suit), or broker they are selling you on a "stock" they already own and want you to buy it to drive up the price. Only buy Great companies which have great fundatmentals!

2.The "Long Term" Long Term Buy & Hold (LTB&H)is 2-4 YEARS long. Not two or four days or weeks or months or quarters.

3. Great companies may roller coast in stock price. Don't worry about the short term stock price.

4. Sell a Great company only if a) the fundamentals change b)You have a better place to put your money or c)If you want or need to spend some bucks for pleasure or necessities

5. Investigate residental rental real estate.

6. Patience

Retiring .. semi-retired at 45 (worked one day a week for myself) and raised 3 kids as a single parent. Fully retired now.
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