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Subject:  Re: My nonexistent G4 - Is it fraud to charge be Date:  12/28/1999  2:09 PM
Author:  jdege Number:  22656 of 312858

When I needed a new computer, I read up on the internet everything I could about building my own.
And, unlike the prefabbed systems from Dell, Compaq, Micron, or Apple, my system is fully upgradeable and has lots of room to expand.
The total cost... $350, and I used my old moniter.

The true advantage to building a PC out of generic components isn't the initial cost. It's the longer usable life of the result. Most off-the-shelf desktop systems are built with integrated this, and proprietary that, and poorly-supported the-other-thing.

Discrete generic components can be swapped individually, as needed.

The full-tower 66MHz 80486 with 8M RAM that I had assembled for me six years ago is now a 233 MHz K6 with 256M RAM. In the mean time, I have swapped every individual component except the case and the floppy drives.

The initial cost wasn't much less than an off-the-shelf box.

My total cost to date is far less than if I had upgraded to a new machine every two years, as I would have had to had I purchased one of these integrated machines.

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