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Subject:  What part of NO don't they get? Date:  12/28/1999  2:35 PM
Author:  CharginFool Number:  22660 of 312987

Now I remember why I bought an answering machine in the first place! I have the day off today and answered the phone. It was a call from Providan today trying to get me to 'upgrade' my Platinum Visa to a Platinum Visa Web card. (What?? Like a 'regular' old Visa or Master Card aren't web compatible?) Told the lady twice I wasn't interested. Then she tries to get me to agree to transfer $11,000 off my First USA and Citibank accounts to them. (I owe FUSA $343.82 and nothing on Citibank). Again, told her no.

Then she starts on a "what do you have against debt consolidation" type of questioning. I told her I did not like the way they required 'proof' of current interest rates by requiring copies of your current statements from competitors, and I also told her that they first time I did this I was given incorrect information and ended up paying 12.99% on a debt that had been 9.99%. (My fault, I believed the saleswoman about it being 7.99% fixed~she didn't tell me {or I failed to realize in the hurry of getting a better rate} it was a three month only deal and then they would 'adjust' the rate to beat the "average" of their rivals).

After I finally convince her I am not interested in the 'upgrade' or 'consolidation' program, she begins part 3 of her quest: sign up for "account protection". I told her no. She went on about how it can freeze your account and defer payments for 18 months in case of job loss or illness. I tell her no a second time. She rattled on a minute or two more and gets ready to end the call by saying "The first month is free so we'll get you signed up right now." By now I have lost all patience. I very firmly told her "NO". She keeps right on rattling….I interrupt her and tell her "no" twice more. She started to say something else and I very loudly, very firmly tell her "NO. Do NOT sign me up for ANYTHING."

Although my ear didn't hear it, my mind quite loudly heard the 'humph' before she said 'Thank you for your time and have a good new year."

I think I'd have a much better year if they just learn what "NO" is the FIRST time you say it!!

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