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Subject:  Re: To TMFElan Date:  1/1/2000  10:01 PM
Author:  MoeBruin Number:  6948 of 33810

If you genuinely believe that you were promised something and did not receive it, and you have some evidence of the promise,
you may wish to pursue legal recourse. You may also choose to file complaints with the Better Business Bureau or with the
consumer-protection office of the Attorney General of your state. If any part of the transaction took place through the U.S. mail
you may also file a complaint with the Postal Inspector. If you paid by credit card, you may file a notice of billing error with the
card issuer.

You know some people here are incredible. The Workshop area and the whole Motley Fool Board which you use for free and which works because of the great work of many people such as the ones mentioned on the current article and the ones who helped Peter Kuperman and Sux.

Unfortunately there is a second group of people here who are the opposite of the rest they take and take and take. Now there is nothing in my opinion with doing that but then nothing is good enough. They want more and more and more.

That somebody would be a little hearbroken, upset and maybe even write something they later regret because their favorite screen isn't being covered is one thing. But to go on and on about it and then to have others suggest under any pretense that the BBB should be involved most be people who didn't get to give out enough Bah Humbug! this holiday season.

Nobody has done more for this board the TMFELAN and if you think he does this for money your nuts! First off he was helping people on these boards long before the money came from TMF and second off believe he isn't getting big bucks for this, certainly not enough to get his integrity attacked and to have others suggest that actions that could involve lawyers, etc be taken.

Now as you know on MI issues, I love going head to head on Elan as much as anybody but lets get off this childlish selfish type of behavior.

I pity those who instead of being happy for what this board gives them instead complains that they ain't getting enough for the big bucks they pay to use this place.


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