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Subject:  Re: It's gonna be QCOM! Date:  1/5/2000  4:00 AM
Author:  KingMob Number:  5070 of 8329

Excuse me while I go and smash my head against the keyboard.

No, no, no. I was jokingly referring to breaking open your cellular phone, not your keyboard. Don't look for QCOM technology in your keyboard. Unless you have a next generation laptop that may be logging onto the internet via radio waves in the near future. But joking aside...

Qcom is possibly a rulebreaker BUT it is for sure not a rule maker.

I was thinking that the second after I posted my message. Is it or isn't it? I won't have a chance until the weekend to do the math on whether it is a RM or RB. But it certainly does look more to be a RB -- hell, even TMFOtter says QCOM is overvalued, which fills one of the RB criteria.

Yet, as much as QCOM may look more like a RB than a RM, doesn't YHOO look like one also?

Nokia is the rule maker. Why. Qcom's technology is used in prts of the US, Barizil, China and thats it. GSM is the digital technology used by the whole world.

I'll forgive you for your typos in that last quote, with your keyboard being all in pieces to this point. But I can't forgive your saying that GSM is the dominant technology used by the whole world. Or maybe emphasis should be put on the used as in used to be used. What kind of digital technology will your Nokia be using a year from now? Two years from now? CDMA can do so much more than GSM it's scary. I'm pretty sure that the next Nokia cellular you buy will be a CDMA.

I'll do my RB/RM homework later, but I plan on snowboarding for the rest of week. ;)

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