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Subject:  Re: Numbers up- stock down Date:  1/6/2000  5:58 PM
Author:  Chewie71 Number:  627 of 41740

May I interject here?

This is mainly for new investors to Cree.

I bought into Cree back in July when it was at it's all time high of 80 (pre-split) and proceeded to watch it plummet to nearly half that in about 3 weeks. Needless to say I was not feeling well about Cree. It was only my second stock purchase ever and I had lost at least 40% of my initial investment capital in less than a month. Ugh! Well, at about that time I got introduced to the Fool8 board and through posts here and my own research, I decided that I'd just give it some time to recover and see what happens. I couldn't have done much worse anyway(I thought). 4 months later I was up over %100 . Nearly %250 from the low it hit in August. Dumb me sold out over half of my position at about 57 and I am REALLY hoping to get it back here at these levels.

So to make a long story longer. If you are excited about Cree and it's potential than stick it out. If you have a weak stomach and can't handle wild, and I mean REALLY WILD 25+ point price fluctuations than this probably isn't the stock for you. Just sell me your shares at about 65 and I'll be happy. :)

If Cree history repeats itself than the next high should be at about...165 by June I think. It's a wild ride and I love it.

Take care all,
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