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Subject:  Re: Yuba City Fool Date:  1/16/2000  2:33 AM
Author:  stefanbc Number:  3769 of 12908

Mercifully there IS more to life in California than EL Lay or Frisco highbrow wanabees. I recall driving through LA on I-5 one time in the 70's from my home in north San Diego county to the Bay Area and cursing the (lack of) air quality. It kept getting worse and worse as I headed through town and I got more and more uptight and distorted. Finally I was ranting (didn't have a message board handy) out-loud about how much I was hating it to no one in particular, to the world at large, since I was driving alone.(Perfect for ranting, huh?) Just then I noticed I had been trailing some big low slung sedan spewing clouds of hydrocarbons and an abundance of noxious fumes. Damn! I thought it was the natural color of the sky and had gotten totally sucked in. As I pulled around the greasermobile I could actually sorta see the horizon and my dashboard again.

I knew it was time to give up on the Bay Area about 10 years ago when more days than not I couldn't actually SEE across the Bay. Orange County mysteriously moved north and from San Jose to San Rafael, clouds of greaser smoke hang in the air 80% of the time. It brings a smirk to my face to think that Valley air is better than what the poor Fools in those great metropolitan areas breathe. I actually kinda feel sorry for 'em. How about you?

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