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Subject:  10% jump? What's going on? Date:  2/3/2000  3:48 PM
Author:  cesario Number:  67 of 84

Hi UCOMA-tose-rs! (That wouldn't be funny if the stock weren't doing so well) I'm new to this board, but I heard about you because of news about my shares of FTE. Maybe you can help me with my questions:

What's going on?? FTE jumped up about 15 points today, and the only thing I can find is that UPC has thrown its hat into the ring of European Broadband providers. Why would FTE shoot up if its main COMPETITION is making such bold moves? Or could this have to do with FTE's acquisition of Global One?

So then again, I don't think so, since I've been reading the UPCOY site, and they're up about 10% too. What's up with European telecoms? What's going on, except the increased competition? Are we perhaps seeing more mergers abroad (UPC and I-forget-their-name and FTE/Global One)as we're seeing here (e.g. Excite@Home and AOL Time Warner).

News in the past couple days says that UPCOY is rated "BUY." Do we (as Fools) care? Should we buy some and invest in both competitors? Seems like a fairly good idea, except for the fact that I bought FTE at "Hold" a year ago at 78. Buying UPC at 166 seems a bit steep..

And see then I read the thread of back posts called "easy money." Sounds like UCOMA's the better way to go (you guys are so smart). Community rocks!

Even so, I'd still like to know why the market drove FTE from 135 to 150 in 24 hours, not that I'm complaining. Are people banking on the potential of these companies to rule the Continent in a few years?

Your posts are very informative. I'm thinking of jumping in for real, especially with that UPCOY "discount" deal through UCOMA shares.

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