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Subject:  Re: Recommend your tax preparer? Date:  2/5/2000  8:29 PM
Author:  TMFTaxes Number:  27383 of 132878

<<I'm living abroad, and - since I pay taxes locally - for the past several years my US taxable income has been zero.>>

Due to the foreign earned income exclusion and the credits provided by the foreign taxes that you are paying, I assume.

<<But now I find myself in the pleasant situation of having fooled the Fool, and actually having made enough US-taxable income that I will have to file a non-trivial tax return. But I've been out of the country long enough that I'm no longer up on tax law.>>

Then you might drift on over to the IRS web site and check out IRS Publication 593 at a minimum. I kind of get the impression that you haven't been filing tax returns at all since you've been out of the country. That's the wrong answer. As a US citizen you are required to report and pay taxes on WORLDWIDE income...even if you're required to pay taxes to the country in which you reside. So if you haven't filed for some time, Uncle Sammy will want to see those returns when you file this one. Good luck.

<<A long way to a short request: if you have a certified tax preparer you trust, who is willing to work by e-mail, and who charges reasonable fees - I would appreciate it if you would send me their e-mail address, or else have them contact me at that address.>>

Sorry...nobody that I know that would want to deal with this. Your best bet is to find a tax pro in your "home" country...versed in international taxation issues. It'll likely be a "big 6" firm...but you might be able to find somebody locally that deals with other ex-pats. Ask your business associates...they'll likely have some referrals for you.

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