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Subject:  Re: Bruce, Mike.....Hunting in the Next Generati Date:  2/7/2000  8:40 PM
Author:  rederic66502 Number:  757 of 8794

I am glad that somebody put some of these stocks into a usable spreadsheet that others of us that are still novices in GG following can look at.. I usually just lurk and watch. I have only posted on TMF twice before, but have been on Clearstation before this, when they went offline for 3 days, I switched to TMF and haven't gone back since!!

Are you planning on updating this regularly? ie. is it connected to frontpage that will automagically update daily or something like that?

I do however disagree with some of your choices for up and coming gorillas... which I assume the lower ones in each category... (like IDC) but that is because we are different people... I do like that you include them for comparisons sake though.

The main thing that I get out of the boards is good investment 'ideas' that I may not have thought of on my own. And putting all of them into a table is even more helpful for me. My area of expertise is wireless, and I will be graduating with a Masters in May and going to work for Motorola designing cell phone IC's. I am very excited about it. I am actually surprised that you don't include MOT on your wireless section. They do have the most potential for wireless data devices, in my biased opinion. They may be scary because they are in so many other industries, but you will be surprised at what they flood the market with this year!!

My current 'young' portfolio is QCOM, JDSU, CSCO, and WCOM (I know... but I still think it is coming back!!). I am fairly new to individual stocks, just started in October with CSCO and WCOM, and am still ahead with QCOM and JDSU. I actually bought these without ever knowing what a Gorilla was, just that I have exposure to these technologies, and I see them as leaders. note.. I don't own MOT because in 3 months I will be able to buy at a discount, and I am just waiting for that... I probably should go ahead and get it into my portfolio because these next 3 months should be big for them.

I realise that I am rambling, but since this is my first post on this board, I figured I should let you know who I am.

I have many wireless opinions and such but I they cannot be backed up very well with GG terminology, so I won't bore you all with them now. (ps. I am just starting reading the book, but with so many glowing reviews, I had to goto the board here, and this is why I don't know the terminology)

thanks, I will go back to lurking!!
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