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Subject:  Re: My folks need help... please advise Date:  2/14/2000  12:07 AM
Author:  mepiper Number:  2196 of 20791

Well TMac71 this isn't going to be simple but lets see if we can at least get something here. No transferring your folks money is as easy as contacting Vangard and asking them for an IRA rollover. They will lead you through the process. Its pretty simple. Now as to your taking out from the funds now owned there are many questions to answer, (hopefully someone else will jump in here to help) (PIXY?) If some of the funds have deferred loads you will have to look at them to see how long each one has to go before they can get out with out paying the load, if some should be only a resonable time and are doing ok then you might want to leave them until you can get out with out paying the load. Also do they need income from these investments? How are the funds performing?Any that is performing well you might want to consider leaving there. B andC shares don't usually have front end loads, A shares do have front end loads. B and C shares usually have large expences. You have your work cut out for you and if you have a family member or trusted friend you could sit down with that would be a big help. Take your time and look at each fund. If any have 12B fees (a fee paid to them to use for their marketing)are the most orneous are in my opinion and i would start with them. You do not have to rollover all funds at the same time so maybe you could take a few at a time so not to get over whelmed. I couldn't cover every thing , but i am sure the other nice folks on this board will come to your aid. If I have other thoughts i will post them. I wish you the best and post again with any questions. Regards Mepiper
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