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Subject:  Retired, Now What? Date:  2/16/2000  10:16 PM
Author:  richamelia Number:  2282 of 20788

Ok, So I retired on Jan 1,2000 from one of the Baby Bells. I have a lump sum about 250T and a 401k about 250T in co stock which is a little down now.I have about 50T in Vanguard Index 500. I have money to live on for three years, cash and some diff telco stocks-ATT,LU,BLS,SBC etc. I have opened an account with a deep discount broker an IRA and an individual Money Market account. I have quicken Delux 2000 and Microsoft Excel. I have taken Tom's Seminar and read Invest Guide and Rule Breaker, and the Workbook. I have a lot of data but don't know where to go from here. I have a few questions. How do I track my portfolio against the Now50? What would be a good combination for my IRA that I will not touch for 3 years. I like all the diff ports would it be a good idea to put my lump in the FF RB RM and a few good stocks or more in the Vang 500. I plan on moving my 40lK as co stock into my IRA and selling as it goes up(hopefully). How do I calculate price of shares of stock for capital gains when I sell them? If I go in with the diff portfolios or the Retirement portfolio when do I buy into them? Is the new research on the MF going to be sufficient that we wont have to do so much on our own it seems it will be done for us if we subscribe. I like all of the exciting stocks like Amgen, Cisco, Microsoft, Intel, etc and would like to be part of these companies. I would like some help here guys. I will be getting my money any day now and am running short of time. I will await reply.

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