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Subject:  Re: Back Patting Date:  2/17/2000  2:26 PM
Author:  luciuse Number:  945 of 8787

yep, have to agree with Bruce as well.

If I had to criticise something, just about the only thing I can think of was the (slightly foolish) way the Celera purchase handled, but today's TMF article in Rule Maker Portfolio more than makes up for that.

On the subject of Qualcomm, there was actually an article pointing out the (in the author's view) insane valuation. If you follow TMF, you will also find that various TMFs hold quite different opinions on valuation and specific stocks and freely express them, even if that means they oppose the Gardner brothers who after all are their employers. I think that says something about the degree of unhindered, independent thinking that TMF has managed to establish.

I have yet to find another website that even comes close in terms of
- an educated, knowledgable message board where people have incredibly fruitful - and polite, grown-up -discussions
- a source of knowledge where after more than a year now I still feel I barely scratched the surface.
- valuable investing (and more) advice
- where the staff isn't sworn in on one 'corporate opinion'

TMF has made me a lot of money and saved me from loosing even more. What's more, after many years of taking an interest in the stock market, for the first time I feel I'm making informed decisions instead of hoping this time round I follow the right tip.

I hold a business degree and have been working in Controlling for a number of years now; but TMF is where I learnt to really understand a balance sheet and a CashFlow statement.

Hold on, there IS one thing that I'm deeply critical of: TMF is highly addictive and there were times when my work suffered. Maybe TMF should consider putting on a warning sign on its home page, or have a sign pop up every hour: 'Fool, remember there is life outside this community however shallow and meaningless it may seem' ;;-)

Fool on,

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