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Subject:  Gorilla Game and Biotechnology... Date:  2/27/2000  5:11 AM
Author:  BruceBrown Number:  1178 of 8794

This is The Motley Fool and open to all for any discussion. It's in no way up to me to make the decision as to whether or not one 'attempts' to apply a high technology study of technology adoption life cycles to biotechnology. It's also not up to me, no matter how hard I would try to encourage it, that this board not attempt to cover the biotechnology arena using some sort of a mixed gorilla game approach of finding proprietary and enabling technology with architecture control, de facto standards, value chains, etc... .

The Silicon Investor Gorilla & King thread has a thread master (Uncle Frank) who started the thread and maintains it so it stays on topic. I'm not saying the group doesn't stray from time to time at SI, but it always gets reigned back in to focus on high technology investing because that - in itself - is a broad area to cover, understand and address. There are several thread members from that group that also appear here on this message board so they know what I am mentioning.

The book that we have all read was designed for specific use of the high technology arena and how the industry works. Historically, the information they studied covers pretty much the 20th century. We don't have that thread master, focused control here, so it's easy to see how things can stray from the nest. I certainly don't want to poo-poo anyone's effort or develop a 'thread police' mentality. Although, that certainly appears what I have done. Allow me to apologize for that. I don't want to be the one to stifle creative thinking.

Some problems I see in an attempt to work on fitting the square pegs in round holes by moving the gg criteria to biotechnology is that a lot of time would be focused on developing and improving the model without enough historical data in a young industry at this point to achieve any kind of concrete success. While that is going on and taking time, effort and focus, some of the greatest high technology adoption life cycles are in front of our eyes and we know that the book's proven methods and focus address this.

Since there are so many excellent discussions of biotechnology taking place here at the Fool, it appears to me that those who visit this board would benefit most from a focused application of what the book was intended to cover - high technology. Michael Murphy has an excellent newsletter which covers biotechnology and high technology, yet he keeps the two separate in terms of his analytical approach and how he covers the industry. There are many industries that we could claim or attempt to apply the gorilla game criteria in hopes of discovering a square peg in round hole approach model.

Regardless, I think you catch my opinion and drift. Perhaps a suggestion could be made that the Fool begin a new board where those interested could develop a model that addresses the mass biotechnology arena.


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