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Subject:  Re: Gorilla Game and Biotechnology... Date:  2/27/2000  10:42 AM
Author:  SamIAm99 Number:  1184 of 8787

Well said. And I agree.

The reason I posted on this board was to get opinions on the feasibility of applying gg analysis to specific sub-sectors of the biotech industry. Often, on industry specific boards, you get responses like "AMGN is the undisputed 800lb Gorilla" without any discussion of the reasoning behind it. I certainly think the term gorilla is haphazardly thrown about in all sectors, and was looking for a good discussion of the technology adoption life cycle in genomics. There isn't another board where a good discussion would develop (for the most part).

I still believe gg can teach us a thing or two about industries outside of high technology, and that it's OK to bend the rules a bit. The authors themselves did it by including the internet in their revised edition. Genomics in many ways bears much more resemblence to information technology than to what we traditionally picture when we think of biotech. If we can stretch the rules to include to the internet (for which there is not back-testing available, and the life cycle is far from being well understood), it may be fair to at least consider other new sectors that fit some of the criteria.

That said, I'll yield. I certainly have not thought this idea through well enough to make strong, well supported arguements. Trying to decide rules, players, etc. will probably gum up this board unnecissarily (it's become much more active lately). While I consider myself someone who knows a thing or two about biotech investing, I spend a lot of time learning about high technology because there are so many great opportunities. Perhaps I'll start a B2B procurement thread instead...;)

Anyway, sorry for sending the board OT. I'll go bother folks with this whacky theory on the biotechnology board.:) I'm sure people on the CRA board would love the idea of holding a potential gorilla (including me):). Back to my lurking ways...

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