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Subject:  Re: Gorilla Game and Biotechnology... Date:  2/27/2000  5:20 PM
Author:  mishedlo Number:  1194 of 8794

Wow, I am still not sure where to go so I will give this one more stab.

I really do believe that Incyte is a potential Gorilla candidate. They are in competition with CRA and others.
What differentiates INCY from the others (IMO) is that INCY has an accepted product, licensed by 75% of the top pharm companies in the world. Sorry but I have searched for an hour and I can not find the link.

INCY has patent application on thousands of genes and has been awarded approx 700 or so to date (again I am going on recollection). INCY will collect royalties off any drug developed from their gene database. Patent protection, royalties, interem license fees. Sounds like a gorilla candidate to me. On the other hand, as I said earlier, many of these companies are acting like Godzillas (roaring skyward but no proven profits in site).

I believe one or two drugs is all it will take for INCY to start reaping huge profits.

Consider also GERN. GERN has patents on cloning! I have no idea how valuable this is but my guess is immeasurable. Gorilla candidate, you bet. However, it clearly has not crossed the chasm. In addition, GERN is not a one trick pony. They are also doing stem research, and have some patents in potential anti-aging drugs, another holy grail! While we wait for practical applications to cloning, a big hit on anything else will cause this baby to skyrocket. I realize this thought is a big, big, deviation from Gorilla theory, but if their chance of success were only 30%, the potential rewards might just merit a bit of risk capitol. At any rate, it certainly is a stock worth watching.

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