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Subject:  Re: On Biotechs & Gorillas Date:  2/28/2000  11:44 AM
Author:  benschafer Number:  1205 of 8809

Hello Bruce,

Trapped on the isle of Crete, thrown into the Minotaur's labyrinth, playthings for the halfman halfbull, Daedalus fashions wings of wax and feathers for himself and his son Icarus. The two men fly out of the labyrinth and escape the Minotaur. Happy ending fade to days of Elysian bliss romping with Pan and nymphs on verdant fields of green.

Wrong, dunder head Icarus, doing the royal Nah Nah fooie poo, feeling his adrenal rush mixed with a mite to much macho testostroin-e ignores the warning label on the wings. You know the one that says, "Warning exposure to excessive amounts of thermal engergy can lead to phase change in the interfluidic adhesion of the base paraphane and feather vacoules and lead to a potentially catastrophic failure of the flight surface." Yeah, you know the warning label, unfortunately written in Greek cursive instead of block style.

So in his elation at the triumphant escape from the Minotaur and the feeling of flight, Icarus soars highter and higher, until the sun melts the wings and he hurtles to his death.

The purpose of discussion is to ask questions and seek out old and new knowledge. And on occasion, encounter someone that will tip over the damned tea cart.

Feynman : "What do you care what other people think about you?"

1. A model is never the deux machinis.
2. A map is never the terrain.
3. Every design has short cuts, trade offs, out of budget, out of time, the designer left, etc.
4. The wise have their own agendas.
5. An analogy is just a short story with a point.

I appreciate the list of references, two new ones there which I will foolishupon. Thanks for the information.

Now, back to the point...What is High Technology?
Is it the design, innovation, invention, product of years of research, the ah ha! in the shower, a good idea incarnate in silicon, GaAs, chips, scopes, 'puters, equations, concepts, packaging, ect?

Or is 'High Technology' as I would propose the application of a concept clutch of ideas that has been thing-a-fied to the point that 'everybody gotta get sum of dat'?

I'm gonna presume here that you are familiar with Pareto Analysis and probably the history of the invention of this tool. For those folks that are not familiar here be a bit o fable or fact. The tool lines up a group of similar things in some order, usually the biggest first, then the next biggest and then the next and so on. Now, this came about in the 15th century and was done by a guy named Pareto. He was a contempary of that politico Niccolo Machiavelli.
What Parteo had set out to do was to solve the problem of who had the wealth in 15th century Italy and how that wealth was distributed among these folks. He discoverd or uncovered a few key points from his analysis. They are, 20% of the people possess 80% of the wealth in 15th century Italy. So? you ask, well thank you. If the discussion of distribution of wealth had remained just that discussion then this "Distribution" principle defined from a wealthy people study would have had to be rediscovered before modern statistics and by extension quality control could be invented. The point is that any population can be placed into a particular kind of model and meaningful results obtained from that exercise.

So what does this have to do with High Technology, 'gg' and Bio Technology, human endeavor my friendly fool. We is apes that tend to repeat what is successful. The business model for High Technology and the business model for Bio Technology are essentially the same, just out of step in time. Imagine for a moment that this Venter is Shockley or Moore&Grove, now where is the business model for High Technology? It dosen't exist yet.

I think the sun must be over the yard arm somewhere, thinks me, I'll go crack open a bottle of "Los Vascos" from the Domaines Darons De Rothschild(LaFite), a really nice '96 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve and celebrate the convergence of High Technology and Bio Technology.

Think The Best Thoughts

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