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Subject:  Re: My thoughts on JNJ Date:  3/7/2000  3:23 PM
Author:  papajoe13 Number:  1334 of 10474

Spriteman-----Good post;you said alot..
You've incited a couple of thoughts topical and otherwise.....
We're getting caught up in ,what is being referred to as the P&G effect....For some odd reason their short-term demise is(has)affecting other like and not so like stocks(short-term effect?)
Old-line and non-tech blue chips are not the thingy for the newer genre^ of investors(see;quick-bucks)!
Somewhere between convergence,sector rollover(as in out of favor),and the re-emergence of solid numbers; being the reason to purchase stocks is all in limbo 'till a great melding of all investment strategies come to acceptance(hard to fathom though)...More or less,accepting the fact that;companies with solid earnings and mature businesses belong in portfolios along side the go-for-the-gusto tech/communications types...
We are involved in a new,yet to be accepted,way of following the impact of different evaluations;aka.-number crunchin' along side unfettered prospects;purely out-and-out perception and nothing else to go on....
I liked your reminder,"In this months edition of Individual Investor, the magazine lists 10 top blue chips for the 21st century. Not surprisingly, JNJ is one of them, along with AOL, Walmart, Fedex, General Electric, Citigroup, MCI Worldcom, Home Depot, Nokia, and Oracle"
I'm lucky enough to have 3(JNJ-Oracle-MCI Worldcom)in my 10 stock portfolio....

Keep posting!!!You do a credible job!


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