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Subject:  Re: Could TMF Improve this Board Date:  3/22/2000  12:58 PM
Author:  joetangerine Number:  602 of 2244

Thanks TippyK,

But I already did this exact same post on 3-17-00 and got no response.

Here the link:

I figured it might have gotten looked over so I thought it might be better to bring the issue here since this is the board it effects.

I just think it is kind of crazy that I or any Fool would have to read a message on the board to get to a set of online glossary links. Having the online glossary links posted upfront could save some time on basic questions. If they had more detailed questions then the board can help them with those, but all too often all that are answered here are basic questions that are clearly presented within the glossaries. Plus it is a pain in the hiney when you forget where you put the glossary links in your own favorites file and need to come here to access the links. I am regularly coming across terms that I need explained and have used the glossaries a lot.

Maybe you can give the Fool from on High that deals with this a heads up and have them reply to one of the postings.

Thankfool for TMF,
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