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Subject:  Re: IRA/SEP-IRA Date:  3/27/2000  9:17 PM
Author:  TMFExRO Number:  32732 of 128150

<< My question is two-fold. First, if my employer puts money into a SEP-IRA for me, does that have any bearing on my limits for investing in my own personal IRA? >>

If you (or your spouse) have $2,000 earned income, you can contribute $2,000 to an IRA regardless of what other retirement coverage you have.

<< Second, if our (my wife and I) AGI is $90,000, there is no deductibility for us for an IRA at this time? >>

Not necessarily. Since you're covered by a plan, your traditional IRA contribution would not be deductible at this AGI level. If your wife is not covered by a plan, hers would be deductible at this AGI level.

<< If this is true, is there any benefit in having a standard personal IRA vs. another investment? Would Roth be a better way to go? >>

Given the choice between a nondeductible traditional IRA contribution and a Roth contribution, the Roth wins if you meet the AGI limit for making such contributions.

Phil Marti
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