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Subject:  Re: Risk/Reward of Stocks to Rule the World Date:  3/28/2000  2:14 AM
Author:  Cybernaut7 Number:  1824 of 8809

>All of the above gives me pause to reflect on the enthusiasm shown for SR companies. Certainly there is much to like about LHSP, but the field, to my view, is a LONG way from Tornado status. I think it has to happen one day, and they are a good bet, but at the moment, speech recognition is a long way from the penetration status of what our old antique 8 track tapes used to enjoy. (I never did buy one of those infernal things)<

you are very correct regarding poor quality in speech recognition software; however, this is only at the end-user commercial level (shrink wrapped store-bought software).
if ever you've called directory assistance or another service in which you speak sentences over the phone to a computer which interprets them, you will find that these systems are superb!
in fact, the speech recognition system designed by the government, more specifically, the department of defense and the NSA, monitors all phone conversations in the United States (and outside too :) ) and is so accurate that the computers can search through the conversations for key words or phrases. these systems are remarkable because with no problem, they can discern what people are saying even when they have different accents, speed, intonations, etc. and without any training, obviously, that is sometimes required by the shrink-wrapped software. i assume that these speech recognition programs also understand multiple languages. the software used in these circumstances have incredible accuracy - well above 99%.
so, i'm not familiar with what the focuse of LHSP is, but i know that speech recognition is already light years ahead of what is available for purchase as software products at the computer stores.

because of the incredibly long delays involved with getting "bleeding-edge" technology to consumers, we may not see this kind of speech recognition for 5 or 10 years.


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