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Subject:  Nervous nellies & investing Date:  4/9/2000  10:32 PM
Author:  demiller1 Number:  1293 of 6186

I think that the majority of people posting have had very little background or education in the share trading techniques or graphs or economic issues that effect these markets.

Quite frankly if you do not know about these equity markets then do not invest! Go get a education in economics and business then start reading and understanding what value and return on investments is!

If for what ever reason Joe Sixpack says 'I have a good tip' then rest assured that the fuse was lit some months ago and you are blindly supporting a stock which others are to make profits on your buying.

After people blindly invest in stocks at their cyclical high they then worry that the stocks drop and get very nervous. Their nervousness is shrugged off with the comment 'that they are long term buy and hold anyway so it just doesnt matter'. What a load of crock .... deep down they are nervous but do not like to admit it!

If it doesn't then for gods sake do not look at the stock prices!

If you want to speculate do so at your own risk! Be prepared to lose!

If you want to invest - then again do so at your own risk, as reliance on others (*) tips is generally based on a foundation of greed in a market that treats greed with contempt!

(*) 'others' generally means brokers as well - try getting onto them when you *need* them, when 15 others *need* them as well! By the time the queue dwindles it is lunch or drinks with a nonplussed 'I am at a meeting' excuse thrown in for good measure.

[No flamming me from brokers on this point otherwise I will refer them to the UK study on stockbrokers and the subsequent results ... 'something to do with psychopaths me thinks']

[AND for the record - no I do not have a gripe with a stockbroker - the stockbroker has a gripe with me because I sold out before the sh*t hit the fan and they want to know how I knew!]
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