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Subject:  Re: Red Herring Article re Broadband Date:  4/13/2000  9:40 PM
Author:  LucidDreamer Number:  2072 of 8813

I predict that it will be wireless
internet or palm pilots in the future (people want fast internet without tying up a telephone line).

DSL already allows your phone line to stay open...and you can remain connected online 24/ waiting to dial up, etc...

I believe Redback is expanding into the wireless broadband market.

Redback already dominates the DSL market, and should start to move aggressively into the cable broadband arena...but I also see wireless as being the ultimate in connectivity in the future.

Wireless just allows for more efficiency and convenience (use anywhere) which we all would like to have for work as well as personal use.

It is kind of interesting to see how the future may break down, in terms of society and technology...

In the past (and continuing through to the present) we have been forced to make the daily trek to rectangular buildings...sitting in cubicles and being dependent on the office hours to get things done.

Slowly but surely, more and more people presently are being able to use the internet to telecommute to their jobs, or to be freelancers...this trend will continue to grow, as it is a cost saving measure for companies, as well as making a happy workforce. It makes efficient use of the stay-at-home mothers and fathers, allowing families to stay closer together. Businesses will more and more be able to utilize virtual reality and videoconferencing (as the technologies become readily viable).

The argument then becomes...we will be a antisocial society, all hiding in our homes, conversing only through cyberspace.

We would start to resent being holed up in our corner of the what would be the answer?

Wireless broadband.

Wireless/Video broadband.

Wireless anything broadband.

I have no doubt that America, a society which holds freedom so dear, will enthusiastically embrace the freedom brought by wireless technologies.

I would be interested in seeing how some Asian cultures will respond to this type of individualism in the workplace, and in society.

Any Asian GGers on this board?

I would be interested to hear what you think about a move to telecommuting and to a shift away from a group regards to how Asian cultures will react to that possibility.

I think I am done rambling now...thats what I get for watching TV while I type!

Hope this was not too long.

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