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Subject:  My response to Milberg-Weiss: Date:  4/19/2000  2:16 PM
Author:  kalongo Number:  13466 of 36502

To: Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes & Lerach (``Milberg Weiss'), Steven G.
Schulman or Samuel H. Rudman,

As a long-term investor in Celera and someone who believes in the potential
for this company to grow and prosper, I wanted to make a few comments about
your lawsuit.

First, I think your suit is frivolous. Any negotiations that Celera pursued
with the NIH's Human Genome Project were done so with the distinct position
that any outcome would not affect Celera's business model and
profitability. The talks ended because Celera felt that the government's
demands were not consistent with their business model. The result is that
the outcome was favorable to the investor.

Second, Celera's share price dropped precipitously (along with many other
biotechnology stocks) due to recent ambiguous remarks made by the President
of the United States and the Prime Minister of Great Britain concerning
patent law as it applies to human genes. Recent clarifications by these two
world leaders have alleviated concerns about patenting DNA sequences for

Third, your lawsuit is not going to help consumers and Celera stockholders.
It will only have a negative effect on Celera. Your suit thinly pretends to
be a reasonable response to recent market activity and business practice,
when it is in fact a band-aid for investors who purchased stock during the
second public offering, and are now disgruntled with the recent price drop.

Your lawsuit is encouraging poor judgement among investors. It is
encouraging investors to not take responsibility for their stock purchases.
It is encouraging investors not to accept the potential down-side risk of
investing in the stock market. It encourages investors to believe the
market will only rise, and that any market decrement must be litigated
against. Your lawsuit is promoting an already letigious society, and will
no doubt line the pockets of several lawyers from your reputable firm, as
it has certainly not escaped your notice that Celera sits on a rather large
cash position.

I would encourage you to re-think your role in this suit, and to consider
the fact that you are not representing this Celera shareholder. I will be
forwarding this letter to other Celera stockholders, and I will encourage
other investors send their opinions to you.


Kenneth A. Longo, Ph.D.

Research Fellow
7620 Medical Science Building II
Department of Physiology
University of Michigan Medical School
1301 E. Catherine Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-0622
(734) 647-7721 (Lab)
(734) 936-8813 (Fax)

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