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Subject:  Re: The Best Beer In The World Date:  4/27/2000  4:51 PM
Author:  SirChip Number:  148 of 461

Ruggernaut (Chad) wrote:

Therefore, since the purpose of drinking beer is the buzz, the cheaper the better. If you can get good tasting beer for free, then you have, indeed, a good friend.

Oh dear God, if you're only looking for a buzz, go sniff a highlighter. Beer is more than a means to an end. Beer is, when done well, a drinkable work of art. A good brewmaster mixes grains, varities of hops and good water to produce a pleasing, complex, and flavorful beer.

IMHO The 5 best beers in the world are:

1. Budvar - the original Budweiser (Czech Republic)
2. Fat Tire - nice Western US favorite (Colorado)
3. Grimberggen Double/Dubbel - better from the tap than bottles, (Belgium)
4. John Courage - Just plain good (UK)
5. Chimay Tripel - Proof positive that Trappist Monks are truly blessed by God (Belgium)

Now as far as coffee goes, you've got a point.


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