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Subject:  Justice will bring about Peace. Date:  5/15/2000  6:05 PM
Author:  Leclezio Number:  138 of 174

The following message is carried from another FAF board. (No copyright).

Centuries before Christ, Isaiah, the prophet wrote: “Justice will bring about peace” (32:17). Pope John Paul 11's, comments and mine follow:

“Where there is no justice, there can be no peace, because injustice is itself a disorder. Where there is no respect for human rights 'of record' – I mean those inalienable rights which are inherent to Real Estate Public Records – there can be no peace. Where there is no moral formation to favor the growth of good, there can be no peace. Where there is blatant, deliberate and condoned violation of policy manuals, - initially designed for the better common good of all individuals, - there can be no peace. Because it is always necessary to keep watch, to contain and to expose the destructive tendencies which nestle in the heart of some man through sheer deceptive greed.”

St. Thomas Aquinas points out, however, that while peace is indirectly an effect of justice, insofar as justice, removes the obstacles to peace, e.g. an injury inflicted, a right denied and or violated without just compensation; yet more properly justice is the fruit of love, for “fairness and integrity of their very nature cause peace. Where love is associated with these values it is a powerful unitive force.”

There will be peace among persons who are moved by justice, integrity and absolute Truth. For they love God above all things, and that love extends to the children of the heavenly Father for whose sake they refrain from anything that would be injurious or offensive to any of His children. This is because true justice orders all things in relation to God. This alone can produce an inner peace of soul, as well as an exterior peace in one's relations with others.

Christ by His passion and death, won for us a share in His own Divine life, a share in His own love for the Father. It is this gift of Love, Faith and Hope for the Truth and justice which enables us to seek God's will above all things, and to seek our neighbor's good as well as our own. Thus as the love of God begets love of neighbor, there is a harmonious concord among those who share the Father's love acting in all honesty towards each other!
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