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Subject:  Test Done, Game Over Date:  5/27/2000  3:00 PM
Author:  RECCLES4 Number:  22235 of 90802

Hey it was very informative. I read some very interesting post and e-mails on this one. Opinions varried from impossible to they have a chance.

Basicaly this is what I was told about this.

Because of the tremendous uptick of various markets around the world and the current steady increase in value of many investment vehicles, this couple should be able to retire on what they want by age 50.

Basicaly, for them to retire with an annual income from investments of 35K and they would expect to garner a modest 11% annual return on thier investment (which is highly likely with the proper mix of investments) They would only need about 300,000 (thats right 300,000). Lets see an annual return of 11% on 300k is 33k

When I questioned this and asked about the mega amounts needed to retire as quoted and believed by everyone, the response was basicaly this.

We are conditioned to believe that we need to have enough so that we can survive on returns in the single digits not to mention we are conditioned to believe that we need to withdraw principle along with the interest. Both of these are false. Millionaires all over the world have their money working for them and they are able to live very well without touching the principle.

Ross Perot is a prime example. His investments total about 2 billion dollars and he garners income from those investments of about 160 million.\

True, 35k in 15 years will not be as much as it is today, but take into account that this couple expects to live on half of its current income. So they could max out 401k and other employer savings plans. They could increase thier savings to a total of 20% and garnering a modest 15% annual return they could easily eclipse 550k. Add to this the purchase of a home and paying it off in 15 years and the purchasing of other income producing assets and you will see that in 15 years this couple could easily retire in comfort.

I went back and did some recalculating on my part using this information. I am 35 and have been saving in some fashion since I was 23. My goal was to retire at 50 or 55. If I pushed myself and saved a whole lot I could retire at 45. I now see, that if I should find myself tired of running two businesses I could retire in lavish comfort in 5 years at the age of 40 and still have enough to pay my kids college tuition in full.

It made me realy think. Do I realy need 3 to 5 million bucks in order to retire? Not if I have the proper mix of investments.

How about you?

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