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Subject:  Re: QCOM NOK again Date:  6/15/2000  12:47 PM
Author:  charlieblack Number:  2934 of 8788


Its a mistake to base market intrepretations merely on the number of patents. Many of the patents you attribute to the nokia are dependent patents, they only serve to reinforce the power of 3G/CDMA technology. Ericsson and Qualcomm have a very close relationship, since ERICY bought Qualcomm's infrastructure business. But don't take my word for the power of QCOM's position, take as evidence the attempted end run by Nokia and Motorola earlier this year, for the 5Mb data stuff. The result was they capitulated to QCOM, rather than face a fight. Now that my friend is called precedent.

Qualcomm will be making WCDMA and GSM dualmode chipsets, and by doing so, it will have to pay the other patent holders

This is not a sign of weakness, which is how I intrepreted your post, but merely a very pragmatic/aggressive and logical step. Transitioning for 2G to 3G is a massive upgrade (literally a trillion dollar upgrade). Windows 98/NT/2000 can all still run DOS apps, this is same sort of thing. Accelerating 3G/CDMA technology is the name of this game.

Net/Net the flow of monies is a one-way street to Qualcomm. How do you spell cul de sac? Or the 3G roach(royalty) motel?

As many contend, 3G is still several years into the future
Well my contention is very different, as per an earlier post in this thread. Its very possible that GPRS and EDGE will just be skipped, and carriers will go for the gold, 3G. I'm in Atlanta, and BLS is the dominant carrier, and they are making great progress in their ERICSSON/3G capable infrastructure rollout. Please consider the infrastructure and marketing leadtimes. No carrier really wants to get stuck in the middle with stop-gap/deadend technology. Furthermore the prospect of having to turnup the marketing machine twice and then induce what many subs will consider as unnecessary handset churn is not very appealing. Carriers have billions at stake.

3G will be happening in the US (albeit not NATIONWIDE) in 2001.
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