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Subject:  Re: Instruction by humiliation Date:  6/23/2000  8:41 PM
Author:  Trick Number:  4174 of 27873

jps said in part:
If a flower to be painted has a particular kind of beauty, it perhaps benefits from a good and even studious acquaintance, but only up to a point; it also needs somehow to tap the geist of all that is laying latent in it (which I have missed to date, precisely because I have been too analytical).

In reply to my:
If you want to understand flowers, I suggest one of two things; Grow a vagina or spend more time studying one (or two or whatever.) A more beautiful flower is hard to find.

First, I did not mean that women as a gender has some ordained capability for beauty not present in a man. But that is the small point, really.

It might not be obvious, but we seem to be saying the same thing. I guess my mistake in communication was in choosing the word study. I certainly study many things, but the way I study the subject of my original post is quite different than the way I study those other things. I think you describe it better by use of the phrase "tap the geist." I definitely did not mean to imply anything mechanical. Far from it. More often than not, I feel more like an artist than a technician when I am studying my favorite beautiful and delicious flower.

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