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Subject:  QCOM News? or Rumor? Date:  6/24/2000  11:12 AM
Author:  stinkinbadges Number:  3145 of 8787

I saw a couple posts over on the Silicon Investor related to QCOM and Nokia and I'm surprised to see that no news has surfaced here. Well I guess I'll surface it here! Gol dang it!
I know Bruce Brown, Mike Buckley and Tinker frequent both boards but I'm not sure about the rest of you gorillaheads.
Two stories (or rumors, you decide). One is that it appears that Nokia may be trying to buy QCOM chips through a third party vendor and the other one being that QCOM and Nokia appear to be directly talking about "something". There's some....thing on the wing as Joe Kernen might say. Anyway here's some links to Silicon Investor.

If you have time, check these out. I think a stronger relationship between Nokia and QCOM is inevitable but it looks like it might be sooner rather than later. Nokia is much bigger news than China IMHO. I looked for these a little on the QCOM company board here at the Fool but I didn't see them there either. If this is a redundant post please pardon my ignorance. I really don't look at the company boards much. Too much cheerleading to wade through. I pretty much only read Gorilla Game, Le Union and Rat's board. Anyway.. enough about me. Anyone have the time to read those links and comment I sure would appreciate it.

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