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Subject:  FiberChannelaShortTermSolution Date:  6/25/2000  9:56 AM
Author:  mitroae Number:  3155 of 8788

*1.Worldly Investor>>> fiber channel looks like a short-term solution and NOT the basis of a sea-change in the foundation of corporate networks. mitroae; "So then, BRCD is selling a band-aid solution, just until gigabit-ethernet networking products are rolled-out a year from now." "And since i'm not to excited about owning csco." "I hate-it when lumbering -(csco)-godzillas swallow young, healthy-(brcd)- gorillas." (which will most likely be buying-up brcd, soon) /// *2. i'll take the word of the professional journalist at forbes; that states, covad appears to be in a business that is shaping-up to be a service w/commodity-style prices. Not exactly gg is it. /// *3. I wonder how much of citrix's problem's are due to it's association/?? with msft? And how RMBS & RNWK could be affected in the same ways. By there arrangements with the blood-sucking Godzilla's of INTC & MSFT. *4. For those considering B2B, i suggest reading some recent posts at the RuleBreakers message boards, something about lack of scalability, heavy competition, thin margins, etc... ***Anyway just some final thoughts i've had recently; as i'm ending my foray in investing at the one-year point, here at TMF. Because i've started a full time job, (i won't) be spending the usual 6 + hours per day on line at various financial sites. After my 4-year hiatus of living off of my previously-healthy bank-savings account. It's time i actually make some money; but this time i'll know better than to put it all into a 3% savings account. (it's to tempting to spend) Annnyyway it's been fun; i'll leave the new developements in the market (positive & negative); to the professional's & retiree's & the wealthy. **** In the words of Don Henley, I'll be; "WORKING--IT" !! PS; maybe fuel cells aren't such a bad investment, after all the government is allways wrong & has terrible timing. Examples; freaky weather, high gasoline prices, the smog that i see hanging-over Tulsa, every morning going to work. (the clean air act of 1972; Duh; WHAT CLEAN AIR ACT) Gore sucks; GO Bush! (like there was any other choice)
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