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Subject:  Re: Moore on Rambus Date:  6/27/2000  3:03 AM
Author:  BruceBrown Number:  3196 of 8809

My good friend tekboy at micromanagement' wrote:

the SI G&K board (IMHO the most sophisticated arbiter of such things)

Holy smokes, Batman! Look who showed up for dinner!

I remember your sophiscated arbitrament of AMD. And Echelon. And - what were those other pebbles and small-caps? <ggg>

ooops! tactless and irrelevant; thought the original post was on the Rambus board, not the GG board... sorry to all for any offense given...

Oh yeah, right! We're not offended. I'm encouraged. "Dew drop in" more often for some spirited and sophisticated arbitration. Tell tekgirl she's allowed to call you a Fool at any time.


It must be that notion of Foolish proofreading. Not to worry, we all would enjoy an edit function since we use the tiny monitors late at night with eyes that no longer see what they saw BL&G (before lenses and glasses).


P.S. You would be very proud of me. I managed to actually sit through an entire performance of "Die Walk├╝re". However, it was only because a friend of mine was honking out the tenor. He supplied the beer afterwards. I'm not sure if Wagner or the real Budweiser was better. <ggg>
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