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Subject:  Nudder Cajun Joke Date:  7/2/2000  1:13 PM
Author:  ColonelCAF Number:  138 of 300

A nice Cajun man was out playing golf wan day an he hit de ball into woods a little bit. Wen he go look for it, he see a lady who is got her foot caught in a nutria trap. He, of course, help her out and want to
know if she is hurt real bad, can he take her to Dr. Boudreaux an all dat.

She say, no, she all ok and den she tell him dat she is Marie LeBeaux, de Cajun witch lady and she will do somting nice for him. He tell dat is ok, he is glad just to help her and she once again say well you jus
watch, cause good tings gonna come your way. As she walk away she tink, I will help him wit his golf, fix up his money problems and do wan other ting all men like, I fix his sex life real good.

'Bout six or five monts later, dis same man play golf again and he see dis same lady. She say on him, "OOOHH! Das you, HUNNNHHH? How is you golf game?" He say dat in de las six months he is always six or five
strokes under par and if he bet he always win. She say, ohhh, I do dat for you! An' is you do ok wit money?

He say, you know, it's ver' funny. Every time I want to buy someting, I put my han in mah pocket and dere is jus' enough money in dere to buy whatever I want. She say, ohhh, I do dat for you! An maybe, you lak to
tole me how is your sex life? He sort of smile and say well, I tink I do pretty good. Maybe four or tree times a week!

Marie she sort of frown and say, "Only four or tree time a week? You should be able to a lot better dan dat! He say, "Ohhhh, I donnow, I tink dat pretty good for de Parish Priest!!"

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