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Subject:  Re: Saddened by Culinary Prejudice Date:  7/11/2000  9:32 AM
Author:  tmdyer Number:  10924 of 56326

Although I don't happen to like Ethiopian cooking, I do agree that it is thoughtless to make such comments. I was always brought up that it is VERY rude to denigrate someone else's tastes and preference. The comments have nothing to do with prejudice, the comments have to do with a lack of manners.

Look, I have no desire to start a tussle, but I'm confused here. Since when is it rude to have an opinion? I thought cooking (and eating)was still an area where it is okay to have an opinion. I had a bad experience with Ethiopian food, just like other people have had bad experiences with jello salads, Circus Peanuts, peeps and Spam. What is wrong with saying I didn't like the taste or the texture? Food writers do, all the time. The people that rate recipes on have no trouble saying "hey, it sucked!" I grant you, it would be rude if I came to your house and announced "Ewwww, I hate this" to something you went to the trouble to cook for me. It would also be rude to suggest that Ethiopia should be turned into an all-glass, self-lighting parking lot because I hate the food. Or that my experience in an Ethiopian restaurant leads me to hate all Ethiopians. But I haven't said, nor do I feel, any of that. I had a bad experience with Ethiopian food, and I will maintain my opinion of Ethiopian food until such a time as I have a good experience with it. And I don't believe an opinion based on personal experience of someone's cuisine counts as "prejudice", anymore than it is prejudiced to say "I don't like medium-rare steak."

Just my 2 cents.

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