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Subject:  To TMFMax re: CSFB Date:  7/15/2000  7:21 PM
Author:  LABroker Number:  4503 of 10421

Dear Bill,

Let me introduce myself. I am "Doe #2", a.k.a. "LA_Broker," one of the eleven named in the CSFB suit.

Please check your e-mail. Shortly after you published your article regarding the CSFB suit, I sent you an e-mail explaining some facts and issues. From your post on this forum, it appears that you have still not looked into the details of what you earlier wrote about.

Before you write anymore, I respectfully ask that you do some research. Read two things:

1.) the posts cited in the suit as being defamatory. I provided you with the links to the two Yahoo posts I made that were cited as defamatory by CS First Boston. You will see that I am being sued for referring to CS First Boston's David Maris as "a goof," and "a loser." The fact that this lawsuit was filed backs up my claim--"goof" and "loser" properly describe a Wall Street analyst who would claim $1 million in damages because someone referred to him as such.

2.) Just as important, you need to pull up ALL of David Maris' "reiterate hold" reports on Elan. Mr Maris made some highly subjective and very questionable statements in these reports--most of which have since played out to prove his assertions untrue.

Most of the posts in question were nothing more than razzing the guy about having been so wrong on the stock. Bill, you can bet your last dollar that, had Maris been right in his claims about Elan, he'd be on CNBC today touting himself as some kind of genius. Because he was wrong, he deserved to be called on the carpet. As an investor myself, it is important to me to ascertain which analysts consistently make great calls, and which analysts frequently "drop the ball." Since Elan has gone from 22 to 50 in the last 6 months, DESPITE Mr. Maris' negative tone on the stock, it is safe to say he dropped the ball. He has reiterated hold ratings on a stock that turned out to be the hottest stock in the sector he follows.

Just as David Maris has the right to publish his opinions--right or wrong--on Elan, I have that same right to post my opinions on Mr. Maris' ability (or lack thereof) to make calls on Elan.

You have painted me (and my co-defendants) as some sort of rogue, when in fact, you (by your own admission) have yet to see what we posted that we are being sued for. That my friend, is highly irresponsible journalism.

a.k.a. "Doe #2"
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