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Subject:  Re: Message board free speech Date:  7/15/2000  10:27 PM
Author:  TMFMax Number:  4509 of 10421

<<Most of the posters on the Yahoo board were criticizing the analyst and his motives and now CSFB is splitting hairs by dissecting their sentences in order to SHUT THEM UP. Stifle their dissent. It's like they are saying; "How dare you question our analyst or his motives, even if he is wrong!" >>

If that's your interpretation of CSFB's motivations, of course I agree. It wouldn't even occur to me to write an article about something I thought had that little merit. If the facts show that your interpretation is correct, I'm sure that CSFB will be a laughingstock -- and I'll be there laughing at them with you.

And I'm also sure that out of the eleven individuals, more than one will be shown to be included in the lawsuit in error. That's pretty obvious to me -- there are different facts that are going to apply to each, and it isn't unlikely that more than one has done nothing that will rise to the level of slander.

Furthermore, my guess is that all defendants will believe themselves to be totally in the right, and be able to describe their actions that way.

If this case is like, oh, every single one I was ever involved with as an attorney, the truth will lie somewhere in the middle as to whether CSFB or the Elan 11 are totally in the wrong on this one.

But there's a first time for everything. Maybe CSFB has filed the most ridiculous lawsuit in the history of mankind. That would surprise me, but it's possible.

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