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Subject:  Re: To TMFMax re: CSFB Date:  7/16/2000  9:22 PM
Author:  TMFMax Number:  4533 of 10421

<<As far as the "mistruths and half-truths" statements, what if an analyst had earlier published reports saying that his/her sources at Elan led him/her to believe that earnings would come in short of the Street estimates, then a few weeks later Elan came out with earnings that beat the Street estimate. Surely that would qualify as "spreading mistruths and half-truths," correct?

As far as your second citing, my manipulation questions were not, nor ever were aimed at or connected with CS First Boston. If you took the time to go back through the previous posts, you will see there is an ongoing dialogue between several posters speculating why the stock has been acting so, for a lack of better words, "weird." As you can see by the post, I did not speculate on *who* might be manipulating it, just that in my opinion from watching the tape, that it had been manipulated.

Bill, I do appreciate you looking at my posts and providing your thoughts on this matter.>>

LA Broker,

Well, I'm glad we can be friends about it. :) I'm not the enemy here, at least that isn't my intention.

You've noted that there are potential defenses. Great. I've got no dog in this fight. I wish you the best, and I sincerely hope and expect that everybody who has done nothing at all wrong will find themselves out of the lawsuit in due course and with minimal difficulty.

I'll return to this issue with a longer piece some time in the near future, but not tonight.


Bill Barker
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